Mel Weisweiler

Mel Weisweiler

The German designer Mel Weisweiler transforms trends into products and brands with her design agency in Cologne, and "Auracology Collection" offers an essence of all her work.

A precious and particular collection of high-energy scented candles made by mixing medicinal plants collected in the nature of Kitzbühel Alps. Mel considers her candles real luminous talismans, fortune-tellers and protective amulets.

While burning, these candles emit naturally pure aromas that promote psycho-physical well-being. A holistic, olfactory and energetic experience with the highest standards of quality and design.

The three candles have three different icons represented and each is synonymous with certain aspects of happiness. MO CHAO represents peace, letting go and serenity, BE BLESSED embraces security, unconditional love and the joy of living while ANANDA gives happiness, attraction and inner wealth.

Are you ready to take some time off and enjoy the positivity of these candles?